Berjaya Spiral Mixer SM30D

  • Berjaya imported spiral mixer dough mixer digital two speed flour kneader reverse bread bun bakery sm30d

Model: BJY-SM30D

Spiral Mixer ~ 2 Speed (Digital Control)


► For production of bread dough
► Stainless Steel bowl and rear bowl guard
► Multi belt driven for easier maintenance and quieter operation
► Two automatic kneading speeds
► Bowl reverse function
► Mounted on caster and lockdown bolts
► Strong and reliable
► Space saving design
► Safety guard with auto shut-off when lifted


Model: BJY-SM30D
Bowl Capacity (Litres): 28
Voltage/Phase (V/Ph): 380-415 / 3
Frequency (Hz): 50
Input Power (W): 1300/1700
Mixing Speed (R/min): 230/150
Bowl Speed (R/min): 20/13
Max Dough Capacity (Kg): 12.5*
Machine Dimension (mm): 850 x 430 x 940
Packing dimension (mm): 910 x 550 x 1040
Weight (Kg): 167
* 12.5kg Max Dough Capacity means maximum weight after flour pre-mixed with 50% of water.

A Spiral Mixer is an industrial mixing equipment used to mix dough for various purposes like bread, bun, puffs, pizza etc.

A spiral mixer mixes the dough gently, allowing it to develop the proper gluten structure, while not overworking the dough. This is achieved because the bowl of the mixer rotates as the spiral hook is spinning and kneading the dough. The benefit to this action is that the spiral hook is kneading only a portion of the whole dough mass at a given time. This keeps friction heat low, providing a more homogeneous mix. When mixing dough in a spiral, low speed helps bring the mix together into a homogenous mass; whereas high speed is meant to develop the gluten structure of the dough. The size of these mixers is also measured by the volume of the bowl.Unlike the planetary mixers, spiral mixers don’t have different removable attachments.

Spiral Mixers Most commonly used for mixing bread dough, spiral mixers are capable of handling a variety of different dough types. This includes very stiff dough with low hydration levels; and high hydration dough types such as ciabatta. Some bakeries also expand their machine’s production purpose beyond the scope of bread. Some examples include blending together pie dough, and mixing scones and biscuits.

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